5 Tips for Setting Goals in 2018


5 Tips for Goal Setting in 2018

A new year is upon us and that means so too are resolutions. I personally shy away from making new year’s resolutions because I find that by mid-January I either fall off or forget about them!

I prefer setting goals in the beginning of the year rather than focusing on “resolutions.” In my opinion goals are much more inspiring and I tend to stick with them.

For this post I want to share with you my top 5 tips for setting goals in the new year. Now let’s dive in…

1. Brainstorm

Just like any well thought of plan you must have a process of brainstorming or brain dumping of ideas.

Now that isn’t to say that all these ideas or goals that you put down will end up making it as your final Goals for the year; but thinking about all the things you want to achieve for the year can really help you to visualize and prioritize which ones are the most important to you.

It also allows you to think of all the things you want to accomplish for that upcoming year instead of constantly adding more and more items to your list later on.

2. Be specific

Another very important tip when writing goals for the new year is to be specific. A lot of times we say for example, ‘one of my goals for the new year is to travel more.’ Ok this is great, who doesn’t love a good vacation right? But where are you traveling to? When do you want to travel? Is this a solo trip, a trip with friends or your significant other?

The point is that you want to be very specific when setting your goals so that you have a clear vision on what you want to achieve

3. Put a Time Stamp on Your Goals

Now that you have listed your specific goals for the year you must and I repeat MUST put a deadline on when you want to achieve said goal. This helps you realistically see whether you will be able to achieve this goal in a month, 6 months or maybe even more than a year. Giving your goals, a deadline makes it even more urgent that you get it done!

4. Think about the How

This tip seems simple enough, but I think sometimes it can be overlooked if you’re not careful. Having a list of your top goals for 2018 is great but it doesn’t end there.

Now that you have created a list how are you going to achieve these goals? Going back to our travel example, think to yourself ‘how would I be able to travel to Hawaii in July?’

The first thing that comes to mind is saving money. Second on my list would be request your specific dates off from your job. If you plan on traveling with friends, you will certainly need to coordinate dates that work with everyone’s schedules.

All these little points are important aspects of the how and will certainly help planning your dream getaway in 2018 much less stressful.

5. Put Your Goals in Front of You

Here’s another often over looked point of goal  setting which I think is essential. In my everyday life I have write down everything or I forget about it by lunchtime. Therefore, it’s equally important that I not only write out my goals, but I also need to see them daily.

Maybe that may be a vision board for you, or having a list on your desk or computer desktop. The idea is that you don’t just write it out in a book and by mid-January forget about it. No, you want your goals in front of you daily so you know the yearly goals you set for yourself

 Bonus Tip!

6. Tell Someone About It

Accountability is everything when achieving your goals. This year my fiends and I has a goal setting party. It was mostly an opportunity to hang out together and enjoy Diana’s cupcakes, but we also shared our ideas for making goals and what our vision for the new year was. It was such an awesome time and we even decided to have quarterly update party throughout the year.


And there you have it folks, my top 6 tips to help you with setting goals in the new year. I know that many of you may have already written your resolutions and goals for 2018; but you can always go back and look at your list and incorporate some of these ideas.

Let me know any tips you may have, I’m always looking to perfect my personal goals for the year.






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