About Me


Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by my new blog. I’m sure you’re here to know more about the creator of Elle’s Corner. Well that would be me, Vilna Donelle.

I’ve had the idea to start up a blog after I cut off ALL my chemically treated hair in 2010 and decided to go natural. Talk about a major makeover! It was my intention to document my natural hair journey and share my experiences with other naturals. But I just never found the courage to do it and always talked myself out of blogging. However, that all changed in November of 2017, when I decided to step out in faith and work on launching my Blog!


“Goals for my Blog”

My goal for this Blog is to create a space where I can share my experiences with readers and create an online community that empowers women to pursue their dreams.

Additionally, I’d like to think of my blog as an online diary where I share: Natural hair tips and tricks, my journey to financial freedom, healthy recipes and so much more.

I hope that I can inspire other beautiful natural coily Afro girls like myself to step out in faith and be an Inspirational Girl Boss every day! One of my favourite quotes is “She Believed She Could So She Did” and I really want to inspire others to believe in themselves. Thanks for reading and welcome to the EC family!


“A few more fun facts about me”

  1. Where was I born?
    • I’m originally form the beautiful caribbean island of Dominica
  2. Where do I live?
    • I live in SoFlo aka South Florida
  3. Favourite Food?
    • Anything my mom cooks, so mainly rice and beans, fried plantains, pink beans, baked macaroni & cheese… (well you get the point lol)
  4. Favourite holiday
    • Christmas
  5. Favourite place I’ve visited
    • Definitely Barcelona. I fell in love with the city <3
  6. Favourite artists
    • Solange, Hillsong United, SZA, Adele, Sam Smith, J.Cole
  7. Favourite music
    • Calypso, Soca, RnB and Zouk


Photo by: iSnap Photgraphy